Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two Things on Tuesday

Thing One

I love this.

Good Morning, Wonderful Writers! Today we will not have Morning Meeting. Instead we will go to a presentation by Barbara O'Connor. This will be from 8:40-9:40. She will also come to our classroom from 11:10-12:10. From, Your Teachers. Are you excited to meet a real published author? Yes, Kind of, Not sure (I'm glad they didn't get the choice of "No". haha

Thing Two

Alas, the weather is getting cooler and I'm having to abandon my outdoor office.

So I'm moving indoors.

I read a great interview with Roald Dahl's daughter. She described  his lap desk. 

So I decided I should use a lap desk, too. Maybe I'll write books as great as his. (Or maybe not)

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WriterSideUp said...

Both your indoor and outdoor writing spots look comfy :) On Kami Kinard's blog (Nerdy Chicks Rule)she once posted the dimensions of the lap desk I believe her father (?) made. I can't remember exactly, and tried to find the post, but couldn't :( Anyway, she said it was the perfect size :)

I love Roald's fitting right beyond his belly and wrapping to rest under his arms on the armrests :D