Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things I Love Thursday

 I love this K.

Many years ago (when my 26-year-old son was about 7), we took a family trip to London. 

We took my son to the theater to see Oliver (his first theater experience).

As we walked down the aisle to find our seats, my son said, "Look, Mom! A "K"!!"

He then reached down to the floor and tried to pick up the brass K that was marking the row (as in "Row K").

He immediately realized his mistake. My son has a wonderful sense of humor so was able to laugh about it. Of course, we all howled.

For many years afterwards, "Look, Mom! A 'K'!" has been a family joke.

One year at Christmas, my husband found this K at a junk store and put it in my son's stocking.

Many laughs all around.

I still love this K.


Kirby Larson said...

Hmm. I can think of many people who would love that K. Especially people whose names begin with that letter and whose names you used in one of your books.

Just sayin.

:Donna Marie said...

...and I love this story :D