Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two Things on Tuesday

Thing One

Okay, confession time: 

Sometimes I get tired of all those jaunts to schools.

The long, tedious commutes at the crack of dawn.

The airport hassles.

The motels and bagels and vending machine dinners.

Schlepping my suitcase of materials through slushy snow.

Talking, talking, talking.

But then I posted my annual Year-in-a-Minute for 2013 and a dear friend and amazing teacher (I'm looking at YOU, Patrick Allen) left this comment:

All those kids--the lives you've touched! This was a great post to see today!

And all my kvetching flew out the window faster than I can say: I am so blessed to have this job.

So I will say it again:

I am so blessed to have this job. 

Thing Two
I've been in a bit of a funk lately trying to balance writing and life (and not doing it very well). 

I yearn for long, uninterrupted time for writing. 

I'm a writer.

I want to write.

But then the dog gets sick and the cupboard is bare and the sheets need washing and the car needs an oil change and.....

You get the picture.

But I recently read this quote from author William Styron (of Sophie's Choice fame):

...every writer since the beginning of time, just like other people, has been afflicted by what that same friend of mine calls “the fleas of life”—you know, colds, hangovers, bills, sprained ankles, and little nuisances of one sort or another. 

Fleas of life???!!!!

I mean, how perfect is that?

And now, oddly, I feel better.

We all have fleas of life.

We just have to get over it and move on, right? 



Katherine Sokolowski said...

I love this post, Barbara. I love that you have the same feelings as I do from time to time and I enjoy seeing where you got your inspiration from. Thanks!

jaimiengle said...

Fabulous post. Thanks for taking the time to share it. I think it's like anything else. You have this idea of what something will be like, in this case, being a successful author doing multiple school visits. But you forget that when you are there in the midst of it, it's still YOU. And you bring with you all that you are.