Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year in a Minute (or Two)

And now I present my annual

Year in a Minute (or Two)

for 2013


Debbie Wiles said...

*LOVE!* I'm honored to be part of your 2013, Barbara. What a year you had. (Looks kinda like mine, gave me deja vu, hee). xoxoxo Debbie

WriterSideUp said...

That was really enjoyable to watch, Barbara :) SO much "happy"! :D Thanks for posting that!

Suzanne Gibbs said...

Nice video! Thanks for sharing! Any upcoming books this year? My kids would love to hear about another great one from you!

Danette said...

What a great video! Love the photos with you and kids, and LOVE the Martha and Ruby photos!