Thursday, December 12, 2013

Things I Love Thursday

I love these little round place mats from Ireland.

Now, if my husband reads this, he'll say, "Whaaa? You never use those!"

And he would be right (for once).

I don't.

But I like having them because they bring back memories of a long ago trip to Ireland.

We stayed in a different place each night for about seven nights.

One night we stayed in a castle.


We were the only three people in the castle.


We had our own private butler named Jackson.

The manager of the castle on the left; Jackson the butler on the right

I mean, how many times in my life am I ever going to stay in a castle with a butler named Jackson? (Um, that would be ONE.)

They used these little round place mats in the dining room.
We were the only three people who ate in the dining room.

A weird and wonderful memory. 

The kitchen garden of the castle

The next night we stayed in a B&B that served us Irish whiskey in Waterford and had this amazing Irish wolfhound.

We hit up a few pubs and threw down a few pints.


My son was into photography. Lots to photograph there!

I love these last two pics because they're so IRISH!

 And so....that's why I love those little round place mats from Ireland.


:Donna Marie said...

You don't have to use them to love them :) BUT---maybe you can do something decorative with them so they're always on display somewhere, but CAN use them if you like, maybe when have a cozy tea party :D

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Irish Wolfhounds but I am holding off on getting one b/c I asked how much they ate. Females eat 7 cups a day and males eat 8 - 9 cups A DAY.