Friday, December 6, 2013

Fourth Grade Writing

Check out this writing from a FOURTH GRADE writing workshop

The assignment was to write a paragraph showing a setting. 
This one is summer at the beach.

Carly shut her eyes and let a light breeze whistle past her ears, caressing her lightly. She picked up a beautiful conch shell, then listened to the unique song it sang when she pressed it to her ear. She felt the yellow-white sand grind beneach her feet as she stepped lightly across the beach.

She looked at the beautiful white-capped waves. The smell of the salty, clear-blue water wafted into her nose as she rushed into the ocean. Oh, how the cold water lapped against her ankles! Beautiful refractions threaded across the bottom of the sea like a constantly shifting spider web.

Fourth grade!!!


Rebecca said...

Hello! I'm the proud mother of the 4th grader who wrote this piece. Thank you for sharing your passion and skills with the Alcott kids and inspiring my daughter!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Oh, you SHOULD be proud!!! It is awesome! I loved it so much. And there were so many wonderful writing pieces at that school. I was seriously impressed!! The students and teachers were terrific. A wonderful experience for me.

WriterSideUp said...

I'm more than impressed! I mean---wow! The imagery, the vocabulary, just everything!