Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Love this Wish Trailer!!

Check out this amazing trailer for Wish

Made by the amazing Charlii

In Ashley Hayball's 4th grade class

at Amelia Earhart Elementary School

in Indio, CA

Thank you, Charlii!!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Shout Out to Malcom Bridge Elementary School in Bogart, GA

Major thanks to the teachers and students of 
Malcom Bridge Elementary School in Bogart, Georgia

What a day I had!!

The evening before my visit, I had dinner with some of the teachers and the assistant principal. A good time was had by all.

The next morning, I was greeted by this great sign!

And in the library....this great sign!
Check out this AMAZING gift they gave me!! A wish tree along with lots of wishes from students. Special thanks to 4th grade teacher Lee Rogers for the beautiful flower pot.
So many wishes!!!!
It now has a special place in my office. I will always think of Malcom Bridge when I look at it.
The second graders
The third graders
The fourth graders
The fifth graders
Alexia presented me with boiled peanuts, y'all!!
Joel gave me a great drawing.
Elloree gave me this great #1 Author badge to wear!
The students were so polite and attentive. I had fun presenting to them.
Special thanks to 3rd grade teacher Brittany Breiner, who organized my visit. Thank you, Brittany!!
So great getting to know library media specialist (and TEACHER OF THE YEAR, Y'ALL) Julie Payne (BFFs forever)
Loved meeting principal Susan Stancil

And here I am with teacher Lee Rogers with that great Wish project they gave me (and she painted!!)

Thank you, Malcom Bridge!!