Thursday, February 14, 2008

All I want is candy and a hug... that so much to ask?

In honor of Valentine's Day, here is a poem I wrote when I was 10 years old:

The Story of Gregory Grasshopper

Once upon a time in a far off hole
Sat Gregory Grasshopper, eating from a bowl.
He had a pretty little maiden
All silken and laiden
With gold around her wings, her wings,
With gold around her wings.

Now his pretty little maiden was a pretty little bug
Who lived in a hole by a pond.
Gregory asked for her hand
Which was white as the sand
But couldn't get any respond [sic], respond [sic]
But couldn't get any respond [sic].

He asked her more than twice
And he even asked her thrice!
But this is what she said, she said,
But this is what she said.
"You never give me candy.
You never hug me tight.
And we never go a flyin'
When the sun is shining bright, so bright,
When the sun is shining bright.

Poor old Gregory, he was so sad.
If only he could marry and then he'd be glad.
He'd have to buy her candy
And he'd have to hug her tight.
And he'd have to take her flying
When the sun was shining bright, so bright,
When the sun was shining bright.

Then he rushed to the store.
He wouldn't waste a minute or more.
And he bought some candy,
Real nice and dandy
And rushed up to her door, her door,
And rushed up to her door.

When she opened it wide
He stood by her side
And hugged her oh so tight.
He gave her the candy and then side by side
They flew in sun so bright, so bright.
They flew in the sun so bright.

And after a while
She said with a smile,
"Now I'll marry you, only you.
Now I'll marry you."

Valentine made for my parents

P.S. I dug these things up while looking for a photo for Kerry Madden's book give-away contest. Go check it out.


Anonymous said...

That's adorable!

You closet rhymer, you.

Jill E

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, but aren't you the one who always starts my crits with "I'm not a poet, but..."? LIAR!!!!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Ha! Well, if you ever need help with a grasshopper poem, I'm your gal.