Sunday, February 24, 2008

Problem solved

Here's where I spent my weekend:

My husband wanted me to "smile for the camera", but believe me, I was in no smiling mood. My laptop is a Mac, which I love and adore. My family computer is a Gateway PC, which I hate and abhor.

My internet connection went down Saturday. (Although if I took my laptop into the bathroom, I could pick up my neighbor's wireless router.)

I was on the phone with tech support a gazillion hours. I crawled on the floor, in the dust, under the desk.

And then....

I gave up.

Problem solved!


Anonymous said...

Yay! You'll love it. Did you get the 20"?

Jill E

Jennifer said...

Barbara- Good for you! Computer problems always make my stomach hurt...

Sarah Miller said...

Some solution you've got there!

If Your Imperial Majesty (it's Monday) has two minutes to spare, I will send you proof that my Mac and I are friends. :)

Barbara O'Connor said...

Yep, the 20", Jill.

Jennifer: I'm with you on the stomach ache thing!

Sarah: Let me check my calendar. Um, okay, I've got two minutes. Prove it to me, baby!