Thursday, October 2, 2008


My first day back to school.

I can totally relate to Grace Lin's nervous feelings about the first day of school.

I always have that I've-forgotten-how-to-do-this feeling - even though I've done it 3342 times.

But once I get started, it all comes back to me like I never missed a beat.

And these fifth graders got me off to a great start. Check out these samples:

... the rusty hinges making a larger complaint than usual. [showing the setting of an old attic]

The garden in her heart had found winter. [showing, not telling - the feeling of sadness]

...the calm waters interrupted only by the dolphins. [showing the setting of the beach on a summer day]'s back to breakfast in my car.

(Yes, those are grapes and Cheerios...I know, kind of pathetic, huh?)

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