Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lessons from Blondie's University of Experience

Lesson #670:

If you accidentally throw away that little license plate sticker when your new car registration comes in the mail...and you go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to get a new one, that little square thing with a number on it that the check-in lady gives you is the STICKER, not your customer number.

True story that I have never told a soul except my BFF until now:

I accidentally threw away that little license plate sticker. (Okay, okay, I actually did it TWICE.)

I went to get a new one.

I stood in line with everyone else in the state of Massachusetts (actually, they call it a Commonwealth. Don't ask me why.....must be a Yankee thing).

When it was my turn to see the check-in lady, I told her what I wanted and showed her my registration. She handed me a little orange ticket with a number on it.

She had handed everyone little tickets with numbers.

So how was I supposed to know she had handed me the actual sticker? Heh...

I sit on the bench with everyone else in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and wait for my number to be called.

I was #11.

The lit-up sign read: Now serving customer 78.


I was going to have to wait until it went all the way to 100 and starts over again, I guess.


I look around.

Hmmm, everyone else's little tickets looked a little less orange than mine.

Actually, everyone else's little tickets were yellow.

Uh, oh.....

Light bulb moment.

I was holding the license plate sticker.

Okay, now I've got to get up and walk out of there like I knew this all along.

La la la la la....*strolls nonchalantly past the benches filled with everyone in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts* la la.....

*Strolls past the check-in lady*

*Shoots check-in lady a small glare*

Was the check-in lady smirking?!

*Gets to door and bolts out of there*

So now, the next time I accidentally throw away that little license plate sticker, I know how to do it.

Lesson learned.



Grier Jewell said...


Thanks for the laugh!

JM Randolph said...

Love it. At least you figured it out before they got to 78. In New Jersey, they stopped issuing the stickers, but I missed the memo. And yes, I went to get one because I thought I lost it. *sigh*

lucie1067 said...

That's too funny! Thanks for sharing.