Friday, September 7, 2007

Favorites of the year (so far)

MotherReader is compiling a list of favorites of the year and encouraging participation - so, I'm in!

I read mostly middle grade, rarely picture books and occastionally young adult, so my focus here is on middle grade.

Here are my favorites of the year (so far):

A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban

Louisiana's Song by Kerry Madden

The Aurora Country All-Stars by Deborah Wiles

The Thing About Georgie by Lisa Graff

Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Stuart Little by Peggy Gifford

....and one young adult:

Alabama Moon by Watt Key

P.S. I'm sure I've probably forgotten some....


Megan Germano said...

I can't believe I just happened upon your site! I was browsing through the favorites of 2007 comments on MotherReader and I decided I wanted to read what you had to say... not putting two and two together that I have been looking for YOUR book the entire summer! I have just checked it out from the library yesterday and I am going to start reading it tonight. I bet it will be added to my list of favorites for 2007!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thanks, Megan! Glad you found my blog.

Sarah Miller said...

Let's hear it for Aurora County!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I REALLY want to read all these books! Just waiting for my library to catch up. Now if I just had unlimited $$$ . . .

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Ooh, I just checked and they have 3 of the 6 - yay! Just used the super duper Hold option.