Monday, August 16, 2010

Another dress dilemma

It's official! How to Steal a Dog is going to be made into a movie in Korea!

So, now, which dress should I wear to the premiere?

(You might have noticed that I always use the same photo. That's because it's too dang much trouble to use Photoshop and make a new one.)

Here's the official announcement:

Asian territory film rights to Barbara O'Connor's HOW TO STEAL A DOG, about a recently homeless young girl who plots to help her family move out of their car by collecting on a "Lost Dog" reward poster for a dog she will steal herself, to Hak Jun Kim (200 POUNDS BEAUTY, TAKE OFF) and Samgeori Pictures by Sean Daily at Hotchkiss and Associates on behalf of Barbara Markowitz at the Barbara Markowitz Literary Agency.


jama said...

Wow, that's so cool. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...


I say go with the black dress or the red one.

Lisa Graff said...

Woooo, that's awesome!!

lucie1067 said...


I still say red is your color. :)

Uma Krishnaswami said...

Great news, Barbara! Congratulations.

Danette Haworth said...


You look absolutely fabulous, darling!

Congratulations on your cinematic debut and you simply must wear the red gown.