Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Writing Yoga by Bruce Black

One of my favorite bloggers is writer Bruce Black. His blog, Wordswimmer, has terrific author interviews and insights into the writing process.

AND, he has a new book out: Writing Yoga: A Guide to Keeping a Practice Journal.

After becoming a devotee of Anusara Yoga, Bruce began to use personal journaling as a companion to that practice. The result is this book, that "explores the nexus of yoga, writing, and life."

Even though I don't practice yoga myself, his connections between writing and yoga resonated with me.

A sampling of chapters:

Moving Past Fear
Paying Attention
Trusting the Process
Finding Your Balance
Listening to Your Voice

He includes some of his own journal entries. My favorite is the following:

The writing lets me touch something inside me--reach a place only accessible when a pen and journal are at hand….Without seeing the words on paper, without the physical act of writing, there's something vaguely abstract and elusive about one's thoughts, whereas, with pen and paper, we make those thoughts concrete.

A lovely, insightful book packed with valuable nuggets useful to writers, practitioners of yoga, and anyone who lives life (i.e., everyone).

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Bruce Black said...

Thanks so much, Barbara. So glad one of my favorite writers enjoyed the book.