Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just call me Gadget

I have several nicknames.

One of them is Gadget.

Because I love gadgets.

My philosophy is: why do it yourself when you can buy a gadget to do it for you? (Although I could have lived without that battery-powered shower scrubber my parents gave me for Christmas one year.)

Quite a few years ago, I bought a Brookstone "Atomic" clock. It would automatically reset for Daylight Savings Time. The problem is that the government conspired against me and changed the dates of Daylight Savings Time.

There was NO way to reset that dang clock.

I lived with it for a while but then it started randomly springing forward and falling back on weekdays. Not good when you have to go to work.

So I bought a NEW Brookstone clock.

This one not only changes for Daylight Savings Time, but it sets itself when you plug it in!

1 comment:

Janet Zade said...

I not only want one, I need one! Will it reset every time the electricity blows? I hate all the blinking that results.