Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Audacity Jones Steals the Show

Just finished this beauty.

So much to love.

Audacity Jones Steals the Show by Kirby Larson


It has mystery and humor and adventure.

It has a cat and an elephant.

It has HOUDINI!!!

So many things to love about the writing.

I love how Kirby speaks to the reader so seamlessly, without pulling us out of the story. In fact, quite the opposite...she lets us in on the fun:

I know, dear reader, it causes you to shudder as it does me.

I love the absolute SEAMLESS incorporation of historical details:

Not a kid-leather boot nor starched pinafore to be seen in either direction.

Audie inhaled deeply of the automobile fumes, the horse dung, the frankfurter carts, the fishy aromas from the Hudson River. "Just smell all that life!" She turned in a complete circle, arms wide, opening herself to the wonders of Manhattan.

I adore the language, sometimes soft and lilting, sometimes just plain old sparkly:

It smelled of hay and apples and something else: The young thing reeked of sorrow.

A murmur wobbled its way through the crowd.

And Kirby has never been one to write down to young readers. She tosses in so many yummy words, like PERFIDY. 

So much to love about this one.


AND.....I'll send this ARC along to the first person to tell me in the comments that they would like it. 


Danielle H. said...

I should have added that I adore authors who can talk to the reader and make them think it's part of the story. I so loved The Secret Book series by Bosch for this, as well as many other reasons to love these fun books.

Unknown said...
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proseandkahn said...

I adored Audacity to the Rescue and am so excited to revisit this spunky, funny gal!


Danielle H. said...

Is your copy still available? If so, I would love to read it!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Danielle: Yes, I will send you the arc but I need your info. Please email me at barbaraoconnor at mac dot com