Friday, April 27, 2007

Call me weird

Sometimes I leave perfectly good items somewhere unexpected - for strangers to find. Now, bear in mind that I could leave them at my local dump, which has a "swap" section. But what fun is that? I love the thought of someone coming upon something unexpected - and having one of those, "Hey, what's this?" moments.

For instance, I once left a little silver tooth fairy box in the parking lot of Target. It was small and round, with a red velvet lining and a little fairy engraved on the top. For the next two days, I had a great time imagining who found that little box. Was it a child? A grumpy old woman? A construction worker?

What had they thought when they found it? Did they know what it was? What did they do with it? Give it away? Throw it away? Hide it in their underwear drawer?

And where was it now?

So much better than writing prompts, don't you think?


Grace Lin said...

Neat! My friend Linda does similar things. Once she wrote a poem on stones (one line of a poem on each stone) and left the stones all over the country.

She blogged about the stone poem here, it's really great:

By the way, nice to see you in cyberspace!

Barbara O'Connor said...

That's awesome, Grace! Thanks for passing that along.