Monday, April 30, 2007

What value do I have?

I was spending the morning Googling my latest book (oh yeah, like you don't) and came across a pdf of a booklist published by the Grand Rapids Public Library. It was a list of children's books that teach values.

Me (to myself): Oh, cool! My book teaches a value! Who knew?

First value on list: Honesty

Me (looking for my book under Honesty): Nope, not honest.

Second value on list: Kindness and compassion

Me (looking for my book under Kindness and Compassion): Nope, not kind and compassionate.

Third value on list: Respect

Me (looking for my book under Respect): Nope, not respectful.

Fourth value on list: Tolerance

Me (looking for my book under Tolerance): Nope, not tolerant.

Fifth (and last) value on list: Patience

Me (looking for my book under Patience): There it is! Patient?

Who knew?

Note to Grand Rapids Public Library: I am flattered and honored to teach patience. :-) But, um, could you do something about that site of yours? It took 13.7 seconds to load. I mean, come one....I'm a busy gal...I've got stuff to do....I'm waiting, waiting, waiting..Sheesh! Can't you fix that site to load at something around 9 seconds.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Thanks for the smile :).

Anonymous said...

It has been said that patience is a virtue.
It's nice to know that even virtuous people google themselves! ;-)

-Jen W.
Who googles herself, too.