Monday, September 3, 2007


I told y'all about this cool Scrivener program a while back.

I'm still loving it.

See those little pushpins holding the index cards onto the corkboard? They are color-coded. They can represent anything you want them to, but in my case, they represent the setting.

So I can see at a glance where my chapters are taking place.

I can also bring up all the chapters containing a specific character or any other keyword I want to use.

I can see an instant outline of the whole manuscript.

I can rearrange those index cards (i.e., chapters) just by dragging them around.

I can even concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing and write.


Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

I am jealous, Barb. I want a Scrivener program. Now. (stamping foot.) I love that and I sorta do a variation already, but oh, how organized I could be with an actual computer program. To *see* the whole book like that would be so helpful.
And you took me down memory lane with THE PINK MOTEL. Wow, I read that book, too, when I was a kid. Makes me want to go back and re-read. Relive the magic, as well as figure out why we loved certain books as kids. Maybe we should do a twin blog about favorite childhood books . . . ?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Yeah, Scrivener is cool. There might be a similar program for PCs. ?

Twin blogs! Yeah, that would be fun! Let's think about it and talk via email.