Friday, June 20, 2008

Another omen

You know how I told you I'm a believer in omens?

Well, here's another one.....

One of my summer goals was to be a substitute driver for Meals on Wheels.

So I talked to the lady at the Council on Aging and she took all my info. Then she said she was all set for drivers for a while, but they could use a volunteer for their Friendly Visitor Program.

That's a program where they assign you to an elderly person who has requested a Friendly Visitor and then you, well, VISIT them.

She told me she had one lady who had just requested a visitor.

Her name is DOROTHY!

If you've read Greetings from Nowhere, then you know that the name Dorothy is significant.

That's a sign - I was meant to visit Dorothy.


smilimano said...

Hi, congrats!! Your books are great! :)

debrennersmith said...

My grandpa had meals on wheels for many many years. People like you were a blessing to people like him and me. Thank you for being a delivery person or a visitor. It takes a village... It allowed him to live in his home for many more years.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Deb: Thank you for posting that! It does take a village! It's very rewarding "work" and gives back to me in many ways.