Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I've always been lousy at sports.

The last one picked for the team.

For good reason.

I'm even lousy at Wii Fit.

There's this soccer game where you're supposed to head butt the balls that are being kicked at you.

I miss....

...a lot.

And THEN, they start kicking SHOES at you!

Soccer shoes with cleats.

You're supposed to duck.


It hits me in the face every time.

And it makes this big thwack noise.

Notice the score. (Yes, that would be 7 balls hit out of 67 kicked at me.)


Anonymous said...

That would SO be me only I'm not that brave!

Heidi Quist said...

I love that you write about daily events and personal things on your blog rather than strictly book-talk. It's so real, keeps the imagination alive.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I think they should get a red card foul for sure! Will have to ask my "football" fanatic hubby. ;-)