Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mission accomplished

Summer has barely kicked in an I've almost accomplished all of my goals.

Pretty impressive, huh?

I've taken my first African drumming class.

I've contacted Meals on Wheels (more on that later).

I've spent 238 hours on my screened porch - even with the Attack of the Pollen.

I've updated two school visit brochures and created a general author brochure. That book on the table is Creating Pages with i-Work. (And Jennifer, that tablecloth reminds me of you.)

And I've remembered how lucky I am (every day).

Now I need new goals.

Or should I just sit back and relax?


Jennifer said...


Ha! Love it, Barbara!

I'm so impressed that you've accomplished your goals already. I haven't even made my list yet-- will do next week. (And I'm gonna copy you on the screened-in porch one...)

Yes, go relax.

Augusta Scattergood said...

You and your goals are an inspiration! Wish I had a front porch. Does a back deck count? Way to go, Barbara. G.