Monday, September 15, 2008

The New Writer's Handbook

Guess who has an article in this nifty new volume?


The article is based on one of my Writing Tip Tuesday entries.

Here's the scoop:

The New Writer's Handbook, Vol. 2

edited by Philip Martin
with preface by Ted Kooser (U.S. Poet Laureate)
Scarletta Press (ISBN: 978-0-9798249-2-0)
softcover, 288 pages, 60+ articles

The New Writer’s Handbook, Vol. 2 is an all-new collection of articles (now in bookstores) to refresh and upgrade any writer's skills, with tons of advice on craft and career development. It delivers an eclectic mix of expert how-tos, stimulating pieces on creativity and professional issues, and broad encouragement for aspiring and experienced writers alike.

The 60-plus articles are chosen from best pieces of advice published mostly in the previous year in books, magazines, and online.

Contributors include Tess Gerritsen, Lois Lowry, Ira Glass, and many other bestselling and award-winning authors, plus leading journalists, writing teachers, editors, agents, and literary bloggers.

More info from the publishers catalog here.


Sara said...

Cool! I'll have to look for this. I love that the anthology includes literary bloggers. How did you get approached for this?

Barbara O'Connor said...

The guy who edited it (Philip Martin) had been reading my Writing Tip Tuesdays and just sent me an email asking for permission to include in the volume.

Easiest gig I've had in a while. :-)

Sarah Miller said...

Holy crud. Is that a fire I feel igniting under my tushie? ;)