Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who ya ridin' with?

My husband is a lucky man.

Not because he's married to me (although that certainly helps).

He just is.

I mean - he's the kind of lucky where you pull into the world's largest parking lot at the world's largest mall two days before Christmas - cars are backed up for miles - people are parking in the next county - and as we approach the first row of parking spaces two feet from the entrance - somebody is actually leaving.

That's right.

Loading up the Tickle-Me Elmo's, strapping the kids into the carseats, and backing out.

At which time, my husband turns to me and says, "Who ya ridin' with?"

But there's parking lot lucky and then there's weird stuff like this:

Many years ago, before we were even married, we were in the Honeymoon Capital of the World: Niagara Falls.

We're walking along....

....tra la la.....

.....and a seagull flies right over us.

No, he did not poop on our heads....

He dropped a rabbit's foot!

Right in front of my husband.

I'm not kidding.

A rabbit's foot!

The old proverbial symbol of good luck.

That's the very same one - right there in the photo.

Is that bizarro or what?

(I guess we probably should have played the lottery that night....)

Who ya ridin' with?


jama said...

Wow, that is cool and very bizarro. I wanna ride with him :). (Don't tell Romeo.)

Anonymous said...

In my house (car) we call it "shooting for #1"...that place that will miraculously open up jsut beside the main door in a rain storm. Makes ya feel blessed! JAZ

TamraW said...

Seems to me that rabbits foot was a sign!

What a very cool story . . .

Sarah Miller said...

If I read it in a book, I wouldn't believe it!