Thursday, September 18, 2008


This post dedicated to Lisa Yee.

I've been busy helping teach some classes at Overhead Projector University (otherwise known as O.P.U.)

Here are some of the gals getting extra credit using the mimeograph machines.

Some people spend lots of money at that fancy schmancy Apple Store to prepare their presentations - when all they have to do is go to any Salvation Army or local dump and forage around for these perfectly good machines.

Then you just pack everything up!

Then you hire a couple of cute guys to load everything into the FedEx Freight truck about 12 days before your presentation.

Be sure your contact at the school you are visiting brings her truck to the airport to pick you up.

That's it!


(Note to any schools hosting a visit: JUST KIDDING!)


Jeanie W said...

Sounds like an interesting, useful, and timely course.

Can you get extra credit for using carbon paper without smudging?

Lisa Yee said...

I would leave a long comment here, but I'm busy typing a new book on my Smith Corona. Snort!!!


Augusta Scattergood said...

OK I know you're kidding but I can so relate to those Overheads. I even know how to make transparencies on the mimo machine. So there.