Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking back

I love the annual task of tossing out the old date book and starting a brand new BLANK one.

It's always kind of weird to look back at some of the stuff I had to do.

Some of the thing I listed for the week of July 14:

Tape Project Runway
Finish book order form
Asparagus/sesame oil
Call Babs [my agent]
Driving range
Call Samoset [that's the place where we go for Thanksgiving buffet. See how I plan ahead? Hey, that place gets booked early....]
Key - garage? [I have no idea what that means]
Lesson with Norman [golf]

The only one I apparently did not do is: Iowa seating.
That means the airline seating for my trip to Iowa City.


Karen said...

I do an academic school year calendar, but I know the feeling. At the end of July, I'm getting the planner, then looking back at what happened the year before. And there's something very soothing about inserting the important dates (birthdays, school calendar, etc.) that I already know about. Can't explain it, but it makes me happy.

(I knew we were kindred spirits after your post about the Post-it tabs that were highlighters -- that stuff is right up my alley!)

Happy New Year!

Barbara O'Connor said...

We are definitely soul sisters, Karen.