Thursday, December 25, 2008

Stopped the world

I love Christmas Day.

I love the stop-the-world-I'm-getting-off feeling.

My family and I just hunkered down.

My son was home, which always makes me happy.

His dog got some lovin':

We made waffles:

My husband and I gave each other bookends. How weird is that?
I gave him the monkeys and he gave me the books:

Once again, Phoebe confiscated both Christmas toys:

We got great Spode coffee mugs with dogs. I love them:

My husband and son got their "traditional" stupid remote control helicopter, which they proceeded to fly wildly around the kitchen:

What Santa brought....(don't ask):

The highlight of the day - Christmas dinner:

....and then opening our stockings after dinner...wasting money on lottery tickets (our tradition):

Alligator claw in my husband's stocking (don't ask):

And now....the world is spinning again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh it looks like a lovely Christmas. I might have to look into a traditional Christmas helicopter.

Love the dog mugs.