Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Perfect Author Visit Part 2

Some of the classes at Hampden Meadows School in Rhode Island made a matrix of some of my books. It was great to see how the students had given so much thought to the various elements of the books and noted the similarities and differences. (And I loved the pictures they drew!)

And after my visit, I was presented with beautiful daffodils! What a lovely springtime reminder of The Perfect School Visit!

And tucked inside those flowers was......WILLY (from How to Steal a Dog)!


Janet said...

Those flowers was a nice end to a good visit. Looks like everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Grace Lin said...

lucky you! And lovely flowers!

Kirby Larson said...

I'm stealing that grid to apply to my latest revision! I'm guessing I'll find plenty of tell, don't show spots that will need fixing.

Anonymous said...

I love that matrix, wow!

And the flowers are really beautiful too!

Lennye said...

How sweet is that!