Monday, March 23, 2009

Where is Baxter now?

While in South Carolina this past weekend, my sister and I drove around our hometown, visiting some of our old haunts and reminiscing. We stumbled upon a great antique store and decided that after a rough three days, we deserved a we went in to look around.

They had FANTASTIC baby cups!!!

I collect engraved baby cups.

I obviously don't need any more baby cups:

But how could I resist?

So, of course, I didn't!!

Check this one out.

April 29, 1918

From Grandma

Don't you love that?

But this one!!

Baxter Moore, Jr.


Where is Baxter now?

What was his story?

What books did he read?

Did he love dogs?

Did he have a garden?

Did he eat grits for breakfast?

Did he marry his high school sweetheart?

Did he make birdhouses in the little workshop in his garage?

I don't know the answer to those questions...

but there's one thing I do know.

Little baby Baxter was one strong little tyke!

Check out the dings and dents on this puppy! I love this!!!

But most of all, I wonder....why was this cup in that antique store?

What road had it traveled?


Janet, in said...

Obviously, Baster and his family were not sentimental, or the cup wouldn't have been in an antique store. Looks like he was an impatient, thirsty lad who banged his cup on the table a lot. "More milk, Ma!"

a brilliant blog said...

Barbara, I tell my teenage sons, "Hey, if you don't have a few good bumps and dents, then you're not living."
So who do we think owned that cup? A cabbie?

Lennye said...

I often have the same questions when I visit antique stores.