Friday, October 16, 2009

How David Small changed my life

In honor of David Small's National Book Award nomination, I repost how David Small made a big impact on my writing career.


Linda Urban said...

David Small made a huge impact on my writing career, too! Back when I knew I wanted to start writing, but I wasn't sure what, I pitched a profile article to my college alumni magazine about David who was also a Wayne State grad. I had met David once, but didn't really know him, but the whole thing turned out with David inviting me to his studio for the day and me getting to know him and his wife Sarah. I told some goofy story or other and Sarah said "You should write that. For kids." and David nodded. And that was all the encouragement I needed. (The article turned out swell, too.)

Hooray for David for the NBA nod. STITCHES is brilliant and he deserves the honor.

Sarah Miller said...

I'm headed for a David Small autographing tonight. Shall I tell him you said hello?