Monday, October 12, 2009

Stupidest post ever

I know, I know. This is, like, the stupidest post ever. But I can't seem to get my writing in gear so I'm staring at my bookshelf.

On the very top shelf is a clock my son made when he was six. (He is now twenty-two.)

In the basket on the top shelf are my vices: video games for my Nintendo DS.

On the next shelf is my new little Willy dog, a Smoky Mountain thermometer, and my favorite writing books....and.... inspirational paperweight that I got from my uber cool friend and writer, Kim Marcus - at our crit group holiday gift swap.

One of my many bird nests (I have a collection) and some of my manuals because I have OMD (obsessive manual disorder).

Some of my many children's books and a vintage globe bank like the one I had as a kid.

More manuals (I told ya) and several tons of revisions.

The bottom shelf has a box I like that holds junk and my "Ego Books." Those are scrapbooks with every nice thing or semi-nice thing or sorta nice thing anyone has ever said about me (and reviews and letters and articles and stuff like that.) I save these things in notebooks because it's much cheaper than therapy.


Sarah Miller said...

Whaddya mean "Stupidest Post Ever"? I LOVE vicarious bookshelf-gazing!

Kirby Larson said...

I feel as if I've been over to your house! But, as much as I love you, Barbara, your tidiness is getting on my nerves.

We should have dueling bookshelves -- you would cross me off your list of friends if you saw mine.