Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long ago and far away

A million, trillion years ago... a galaxy far away....

...I was a hippie.

See, I was a doggie gal even back then. Those dogs are named Bubba and Katie. And guess what? I still have that coat!!!!

I lived at the end of a long and bumpy dirt road, lined with blackberry bushes and wild day lilies...

In a ramshackle little house that I loved.

I worked three nights a week as a cocktail waitress way out in a country bar called Wayne and Jimmy's. I came home with $100 cash in my jeans each night and felt quite wealthy.

I had a '65 VW van with a rusted out bottom that was named "The Green Bean." That van took me to the Smoky Mountains many times.

This was written on the back of that photo:

And then I left the South where I had grown up and headed to California. I moved into the basement of a villa in the Hollywood Hills that used to be the home of Barbara Stanwyck but had been converted into apartments.

I took a class on writing for children at UCLA.

And a lot of other stuff happened and now I live in New England and write books for children.

The End


Sarah Miller said...


I can say no more than that.

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...


You are absolutely adorable, Barb! But then I already knew that.

Deb Markanton said...

Your books snagged me.
The fact that you are a dog loving person hooked me.
Now this? I'm...speechless with envy.

Mary Lee said...

Whoa. That house in the woods is EXACTLY how I imagined the place where Georgina hid the dog!

Barbara O'Connor said...

I can't believe you said that, Mary Lee, because that IS the house I pictured during writing. It has a little screen porch on the back of it that is the one I pictured in my mind.