Friday, October 9, 2009

Notebooks and boxes

Because of my obsessively organized nature, I absolutely LOVE boxes - pretty, fabric covered boxes, little wooden boxes, handsome leather boxes. Sometimes I buy boxes and then have to think of something to put in them.

You'd be surprised the things you can put in a nice little box: spare keys, paperclips, all those chargers and cords that amass, letters and pictures from kids, etc.

I also love notebooks. Pretty fabric covered notebooks, handsome leather notebooks.

Now, oddly enough, I am not a journal writer.

So I use my lovely little notebooks for mundane things like grocery lists and phone messages.

But that makes the little minutiae of life so much more pleasant.

At any rate, I love this notebook so much!


tiffany said...

You might like these boxes.. :)

Mary Lee said...

I bought my first (of many, I'm sure) Moleskines this fall. I LOVE the pocket in the back!

Barbara O'Connor said...

hahaha My tidiness gets on everyone's nerves. It's my flaw. :-)