Thursday, December 10, 2009

Readers Theater Part 2

More pics from readers theater group, Voices from Down Yonder, in Arkansas.

Kimberly Willis Holt (left) and Alexandria LaFaye, rehearsing:

Kerry Madden punching holes in her script. (See what hard work this is?)

(l to r) Kathi, Kimberly, Kerry and Alexandria. (Some of us aren't paying attention to Cynthia!)

PowerPoint slide of all of the books performed:

The night of the performance: (l to r) Kathi, me, Kimberly, Alexandria, Kerry (we chose a lovely backdrop for our photo, didn't we?)

(l to r) Kathi, Kimberly, Cynthia, Alexandria, Kerry:

Phew! We did it! After the performance with Cynthia:

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