Monday, December 21, 2009

This and that

A good day for a blizzard.

I am still sorta kinda sick.

Got some copyediting to do. (Or is that copy editing? I never can remember. Or should it be "I can never remember"? I need a copyeditor. Or is that a copy editor?)

Some Chex Party Mix to make.

Some Christmas stuff to do.

Outside my front door:

The view out front (with the door open):

Outside my back door:

The snow piled on the roof outside my office window:

The family room window:

The dining room window:

Some holiday cheer:

My grandmother's celluloid Santa sleigh:

Now that I have Chex Party mix, it's beginning to look a bit more like Christmas:


Kim Baker said...

Oh, I miss the snow. You have a lovely home. When I've been sick our house looks a little more post-disaster, a lot less festive. Merry Christmas!

Kimberley Griffiths Little said...

Gorgeous pics, Barb. I love seeing your cozy, beautiful hous, too! And the snow - wow! We are having bright blue days here.

MERRY CHRISTMAS my friend!!! xoxo

Lennye said...

The snow is beautiful! Also, love your little wire Christmas tree.