Tuesday, December 1, 2009

SLJ Best Books of the Year



I would certainly agree with SLJ! Popeye, Elivs, and crew were wonderful characters. I hope you are doing well, Barbara. We miss you here in Iowa City.
Devin (The teacher librarian who picked you up at Brown Street Inn. Together we may have saved the life of a corgi that shouldn't have been wandering around! Oh, and you held an apple crisp on your lap for me, too.)
Happy Holidays!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Devin!! Of course I remember you! That corgi is probably still thanking us. I still think of all my Iowa friends so fondly.

Bill said...

Just got my copy of SLJ delivered today and was so excited to see Popeye on the list! Congratulations on the well deserved honor.