Thursday, August 23, 2007

More starter dough

When I first started thinking about my current work-in-progress, I knew that the story would involve boys and a creek and little boats floating down the creek. Originally, the boys were making the boats (out of bark? not sure...) and floating them down the creek.

Then, luckily, I had a DUH moment and realized it was much more interesting if the boys found the boats (instead of sent the boats).

But I still envisioned the boats as made out of bark or something.

Then one day I was reading the livejournal of author Tamra Wight. She had a post about what B did on a rainy day - he made a boat! And not just any ole' boat. A YOOHOO BOAT!

Eureka! Talk about serendipity! Talk about starter dough!

I love that little boat so much! (That's a race car inside it, by the way. Pretty cool, huh?)

So I wrote to Tamra and told her how much I loved the boat and asked if I could use it in my story (because I'm ethical like that) and she said I could and even sent me B's terrific directions for making the boat:

First I put the straw in and drank it. Then I unfolded the top to be the front of the boat. Then I cut out the top right side. I didn't use any glue or tape.

Thank you, thank you, Tamra and B for that fabulous Yoohoo boat starter dough. (Now if you could just finish this novel for me, that would be great!)


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked B's invention!

Yes, he's full of inspiration. I have a whole file full of ideas . . .


Barbara O'Connor said...

Aren't you LUCKY!

Tell B he totally rocks.

Anonymous said...

I love that perfect, Barbara...I want to go visit Tamra's campsite in Maine one day.

Very cool boat...I'm still in the throes of jetlag...but I got up at five instead of's a start.

Anonymous said...

ROFL a boat out of a yahoo bottle? COOLIO! xD