Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sorry, I'll be busy

Remember when I said I was busy in the Spring of 2010?

Well, now I'm free, after all.

But I'll be busy in the Fall of 2009 - cause that's the new pub date for The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis!



Karen said...

Ok, I'm totally intrigued by the title! Your titles do tend to "grab" me. Is this a middle grade book also? Can't wait to see it!
Another congratulations is in order -- cheers to Sept. '09!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Yes, Karen - a middle grade. This one is the most "BOY" book I've ever written, I think. Main characters are both boys and it's a (small) adventure with (I hope) boy appeal.

Franki said...

WOOOHOOO! Since I have been carrying GREETINGS FROM NOWHERE with me wherever I go--to tell everyone it is a must read--I am thrilled that we get another Barbara O'Connor book this fall! I can't wait.
I've read both of your new books aloud to grades 3/4 and they both had boy and girl appeal. All of my students will be thrilled about this news. Thanks to Karen (above) for the link on her blog!

Barbara O'Connor said...

Many thanks, Franki - but, alas, NEXT fall - 2009....seems like forever to me! Hopefully, you'll still remember me. :-)