Thursday, November 15, 2007


I took part in a terrific authorfest at a school in Massachusetts. There were five authors. All grades (K-8) got to see several presentations.

The librarian did everything right - balloons, fresh flowers, a "snack room" for the authors, a school-wide special lunch (which included parents), a book fair, a book signing, and so much more. She even made special little booklets with blank pages so that when the authors signed their books for the kids, the kids could sign the author booklet!

A school visit made in heaven!

One of several displays throughout the school.

(left to right) Janet Zade of Zade Educational Partners (my booking agent), school librarian Janice Griffin, me

(left to right) Janet Zade, Janice Griffin and author/illustrator Brian Lies

(left to right) me, Janet Zade, author/photographer Darlyne Murawski, Brian Lies


Anonymous said...


The students and teachers are still talking about your visit - how nice you are, what a great presentation you gave, and everyone wants to read your latest book.

Thanks for making this event so special.

Janice Griffin

Barbara O'Connor said...

Thank YOU, Janice! I can't tell you enough what an amazing job you did. The kids will remember that event for a long time (as will I).