Sunday, November 4, 2007


Remember how I told you I had OMD (Obsessive Manual Disorder)?

Here's more proof: Saturday we had some major weather here in New England (the remnants of Hurrican Noel). We lost our power from about 3 in the afternoon until about 8 o'clock the next morning.

I am not a good pioneer.

I will never be seen on Survivor.

I need electricity.

So about 4:30 - it's getting very dark in the house (and very COLD).

My husband is taking a NAP. (I haven't taken a nap since I was three years old.)

What did I do?

I read the manual to my new computer printer (with a HIGHLIGHER!!).

I'm not kidding.

(Oh, and I also played a few hundred games of Super Mario on my Nintendo DS until the batteries wore out....)


Sara said...

No manuals for me. I'd rather be reading How to Steal a Dog. I just finished it and I'm still smiling.

One of my favorite parts was when Georgina remembers she and Luanne telling each other "the worst thing we have ever done." And how you so beautifully used that to show both Georgina's old life and now her new one.

And Willy? He was so real that I swear I felt his whiskers. I have to admit, I was worried about him; I really was. My heart was flopping up and down. I know kids will love your book. I did.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Sarah: Thank you so much! That sure means a lot coming from a well respected peer.

Barbara O'Connor said...

Um, that would be: SARA.

Where's my copy editor when I need her. :-)

Sara said...

I would like a copy editor to be perched on my shoulder at all times. Not while I'm talking...just while I'm writing. ;)