Monday, November 12, 2007

The end

In an interview with Lisa Yee over at HipWriterMama, Lisa said:

"I always write my endings first and then write my way toward them. It’s always the first 50 pages that cause me the most difficulty. So I overwrite and then cut, cut, cut away."

That sounds absolutely heavenly to me.

I confess that my first reaction was a jealousy so severe I longed to crush Peepy with my bare hands. (You must visit Lisa's blog to understand that.)

But, fortunately, that feeling was short-lived and I moved on to feeling the love of Lisa for showing me the possibility of a new and heavenly writing process.

Having just come out the other end of a torturous tunnel of hair-tearing, tandrem-inducing, blindly-barreling-through first draft with no vision of the end in sight until the last lap, well, I've decided that from now on, I'm going to write like Lisa Yee.

I'm going to write the ending first.

There, that was easy.

Now, excuse me while I dial up Lisa and find out how the heck she does that....

"Peepy? Oh, hi...Barbara O'Connor here. Is Lisa there?"


Kerry Madden said...

Have you met Lisa? she's wonderful!! I gave HOW TO STEAL A DOG postcard to NSWREA folks so they could get in contact with you...Anyway, I've been at the same hairpulling insanity stage with writing/revision. The mountains are so beautiful, Barbara. Talk soon.


Barbara O'Connor said...

Kerry - thanks so much for passing along some of my postcards. You're da bomb! No, I haven't met Lisa but her blog totally cracks me up!!

Enjoy those heavenly mountains.


Lisa Yee said...

Hi Barbara,

Lisa, here!