Wednesday, November 7, 2007


How disciplined was I today, you ask?

Well, see that package?

That's a brand new MacBook laptop.



Waiting patiently.

Now THAT is discipline!


Jill E said...

Oooh, I want to jump through that pic and open it myself! The OS on my old ibook is topped out at 10.3.8. I went to buy a mouse for it earlier this week and none even work with anything less than 10.4.8. Wah.

I do most of my writing on my new(ish) imac, though. So no complaints.

But I am experiencing MacBook envy.

Anonymous said...

Waaaait a minute! Today is Weds, Nov. 7. Is this a trick question? JAZ

Barbara O'Connor said...

Jill: I'm so glad to know I'm not alone in my Mac love. I got this one to use solely for my school gigs - just the lowest end one that I can cart around without having all my other stuff on it. Yippee!

JAZ - Oops! I had written that post on Wed. and was going to save for Thurs. but went ahead and posted. Sorry for the confusion. :-)

Jill E said...

So, do you also travel with your own LCD projector?

Barbara O'Connor said...

Jill - yes, I do. I have a great little Mitsubishi that only weights 3 pounds and works great.