Friday, December 21, 2007

Critique group holiday dinner

I have the most amazing critique group ever. We started SEVENTEEN years ago!

We've been through it all together, both professional and personal: joys, sorrows, frustrations, triumphs, contracts, no contracts, mistakes, embarrassments, recognitions, awards, no recognitions, no awards, acceptances, rejections, hallelujahs, gosh-darn-its, ups, downs, ins and outs.

Here we are at our annual holiday dinner:

(l to r) Carolyn DeCristofano, Wiesy MacMillan, Valerie Kerzner, Kim Marcus, Delia Weikert, Leslie Guccione, Mary Wisbach, Brian Lies, Deanna Garland

Same group except far left (back row) is me instead of Wiesy.

(l to r) Kim, Delia, Leslie

Wiesy (back to camera) Kim, Delia, Leslie, Brian, Mary's shoe

(l to r) Mary, Me, Valerie

(l to r) Deanna, Mary, Carolyn

(l to r) Delia, Leslie, Brian's shoe


(l to r) Wiesy, Mary, Brian, Deanna, Valerie, Kim

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jama said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos! Looks like a fun time :).