Friday, December 7, 2007

My eBay fix for the day

I'm a collector.

I collect Smoky Mountain memorabilia.

I collect antique silver baby cups.

I also collect vintage state map tablecloths. I have thirteen states.

The first one I ever got was Florida, which is the easiest state to find. But since I use my tablecloths a lot (on my porch in the summer), and since they are old, some of them eventually wear out.

I've been needing to replace my Florida tablecloth and was thrilled to find this one on eBay:

I've NEVER seen another one like this. Those shells around the edge, the soft colors. It's a nice big size - and real vintage (even has the authentic tag).

So I was determined I was going to win this one.

And I did!


(Too bad it's 20 degrees outside and I won't be eating on my porch any time soon.)

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Oh-- that is so cool! And it's a map! I love it!