Thursday, December 13, 2007

The post wherein I explain chicken hair

Yesterday I showed you a photo of me discussing chicken hair with a group of students. (See below.)

Let me explain.

Like all writers, I often read or hear something that I file away, sometimes subconsciously....a name, a phrase, an object, etc.

One time I read an article in People Magazine (oh, yeah, like you don't read People Magazine) about some guy - I don't even remember who he was or why he was in the magazine - who described himself as having "chicken hair."

Now, how could I not file that one away, right?

Quite some time later, that phrase reappeared in Me and Rupert Goody:

[When Jennalee has come to visit Uncle Beau in the hospital after he has been struck by lightning...]

"Don't cry, Jennalee," Uncle Beau said in such a soft, sweet voice I thought I'd die.

"You gonna be all right, ain't you, Uncle Beau?" I said, inching closer to his bed.

"Course I'm gonna be all right," he said. "Hell, that lightning just recharged my batteries, is all. Liable to make me better than I was before. Might've ruined my hairdo, though. Look at this." He ducked his head toward me. "Gave me
chicken hair."

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