Thursday, January 3, 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

I love that once-a-year tossing of the calendar and date book - and starting a brand new one - all clean and BLANK.

Because I'm a middle-of-the-night-thinking-about-stupid-stuff person with a bad memory, I write down everything - and I mean everything.

This is last January:

It includes the following important chores [I swear I am not making this up]:
  • Put battery in laptop
  • Pay Visa
  • Unplug Xmas lites [??? I swear, that's what it says. I have no idea what that means.]
  • Tape Apprentice
  • Tuna dip
Maybe this January's datebook should be more impressive:

  • Do homework for Japanese literature class
  • Make and freeze 37 loaves of whole wheat bread and deliver to senior center
  • Start committee for responsible recycling and write promo pieces for local newspapers
  • Tape Apprentice [oops, how'd that get in there?]
  • Research Scandinavian herb growing for next spring's community garden project
Or maybe not.....

Maybe I'll just get a book published and do 58 school visits....

...and tape The Apprentice.


Sara said...

You don't really mean that you TOSS your old calendar, do you? I mean, don't you save everything? :)

I always keep my old calendars. It helps me remember what happened last year, which gets surprisingly harder as time goes by. Even if it's basic stuff, like what month the kids went to the dentist or the eye doctor.


Jennifer said...

I am laughing out loud at "Unplug Xmas lites." I've written stuff like that down, too!! Let's just hope it doesn't progress to "Find misplaced brain..."

Don't you just love new calendar books, though?


Barbara O'Connor said...

Sara: Well, um, actually, I have SEVERAL calendars. ha! I keep the one with "main" events (like dental appointments) and toss the one with the brain-fog events (unplug Xmas lites).

Jennifer:" Find misplaced brain" will probably be on more than one day this year. :-)