Sunday, January 6, 2008


My vacation is officially over tomorrow, when I start a month of biography workshops with 5th graders.

To get myself prepped, I've been reading over student work from past workshops.

Here's one by a kid who wrote a bio of his grandfather, Mark. Does this kid's personality jump right off the page or what?

He didn’t tell me how, but Mark got married to my now late grandmother, Sandra K and had 9 kids! So basically if it wasn’t for Mark, you wouldn’t be reading this essay now would you, (I know cool, huh?)

Here is how the same kid ended his biography.

He lives here with me, my mom, and my creepy little brother. He no longer works and likes to stay home and watch T.V.

Sometimes he goes to the gym to swim to stay slim (I love to rhyme☺). He is a good man and now does lots of charity work. He does much for the community and world.

I love it when kids aren't self-conscious about putting their personality into their writing.

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TamraW said...

That's the kind of voice we all work so hard to achieve!

thanks for sharing!