Monday, July 14, 2008


You know my obsession with vintage state map tablecloths?

Well, I was ecstatic to find this one:

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan - on one tablecloth!!

I LOST it in the last minute of the auction.... $2.50.


I am convinced I will never live to see another one like it.


Stacy DeKeyser said...

Don't worry, Barbara. It's obviously an inferior tablecloth, because Wisconsin is hopelessly squished an all out of proportion.

(So is Minnesota, but I can only defend one state at a time.)

Designed by some nefarious Michigander, no doubt.

Continue the search for an unadulterated Wisconsin!

Hope Vestergaard said...

As a Michigander, I resemble that remark, Stacy!
(Michigan's a little misshapen, too. And it looks like it's tipping to the right.)
Barbara, I hate those last minute, penny-ante auction losses!

Jennifer said...

Oh phooey! I'll keep my eyes open...
What a cool collection.