Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just call me Granny

The cashier at the grocery store gave me the senior citizens discount today.

But she just called it "the discount."

I saved 63 cents.


Karen said...

I'm laughing out loud -- first the picture, and then the reality of what happened to you! I haven't been given the "discount" yet, but I bet I receive at least one piece of literature from AARP weekly!

Here's what I know -- discount or not, we're as old as we feel (or act)!!

Sarah Miller said...

Surely you jest!



Anonymous said...

My mom insisted on returning the fifty cent discount on coffee because she did not want to acknowledge she was old enough. She cracks me up. She held up the whole McDonalds drive thru line making them rering the whole order! Most of us want to save the $.