Thursday, April 23, 2009

Arlington, Texas Part 3

Then it was off to Short Elementary School.

They have a fireplace in their library! Here I am (center) with librarians Linnette (left) and Julia (right), who did an amazing job helping to prepare for my visit.

Here I am showing the students my sixth grade report card.

Thanks, Short Elementary School!

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Mrs.M said...

Ms. O'Connor:

Looks like your trip to Texas was more great memories!

FYI - Well, this year the summer book club will be "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. We are scheduling events and activities to go along with this story. This story will take us through many adventures and character building events. First, we are going to locate some family or community building in our local town that needs a fence painted ( i.e. Tom Sawyer whitewashing the fence). Also, the the students will have a great experience and be a volunteer at the same time! The group is excited. I will update as we go along to see where our experiences take us... Mrs. McKee